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Frequently asked questions!

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Please Read the Frequently asked questions for downloading wallpapers.

Can I use these wallpapers on my site/blog?

You are free to use the wallpapers posted in this site in your site/blog. You are only requested to give us credit by placing a link back to the site or simply mentioning us in the source.

Where are these wallpapers taken from?

All images posted on this website are collected from various sites and from photographers. Many of these images are free to use, and image owners have given us exclusive rights to show these wallpapers.

How can I get my wallpaper removed?

If any of the images in this website belong to you and you would like them to be removed, please Contact us, and we would be happy to remove these for you.

Please also note, that our users are also able to submit wallpapers, and if we find that a user is abusing our services to submit copyrighted wallpapers, we will ban the user.

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